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How to make 'Images as Background' in CMD | CmdBkg - InsertBMP v2.0 | By Misol101

Hey Everyone! I'm PaperTronics and today, I'm going to tell you about a plugin, that will add that tiny little GUI effect to your program. A plugin which will increase the attractiveness of your program. A plugin that will make your program become the best of the best - a plugin that is known as CmdBkg. So, Download CmdBkg Plugin and use it in your Programs to make them more user interactive.

From the late centuries - Batch programmers are looking for the exact same thing as CmdBkg. And, only a Great programmer as 'Misol101' can take the command in their hand - And, Help others for achieving their dream of - a beautiful batch program. So, Without wasting any further time - Let's have a look at Cmdbkg and its usage.

How to make 'Images as Background' in CMD | CmdBkg - InsertBMP v2.0 | By Misol101
The Terminal like effect in CMD

Make 'Images as Background' in CMD - CmdBkg | By Misol101 

Now, after reading that title - You might be thinking, “Hey, there's already InsertBMP that allows me to insert images on CMD. So, why the heck do I need this plugin?” 

Well, here's the answer: InsertBMP is intended to insert an image into the console. While CmdBkg, on the other hand, is used specifically to make images as a background for your program. And, has special features designed for that purpose. CmdBkg can be called as v2.0 of InsertBMP. Think of it as fn.dll and batbox, they both are different plugins - but functionality is pretty much the same.

Well, now that you know about its purpose, you should know also know about the plugin itself:

What is CmdBkg?

CmdBkg, despite its super-awesome functionality, is only of 51.8 KBs. It is extremely fast and efficient (compiled in C). Unlike InsertBmp, CmdBkg allows you to set the opacity of the image and control - whether it should or shouldn't appear around the borders of CMD console. CmdBkg also gets rid of InsertBMP's annoying bug - which was that if you minimize or resize the console, the image will disappear hence earning your program a bad reputation. BatchStore v.1.0 By Kvc is the perfect example of such scenario.

 How to make 'Images as Background' in CMD | CmdBkg - InsertBMP v2.0 | By Misol101
Preview From the Creator - Misol101


Here's a list of all the features you'll have in your program after using it - most of them are mentioned above:
  • Fast and Efficient - No delay when displaying the image.
  • Bug-Free - Unlike InsertBmp, CmdBkg is completely bug-free! 
  • Transparency - Allows adjustment of the opacity of the image displayed.
  • Borders - Allows the programmer to choose whether the background should have appeared around borders or not.
 How to make 'Images as Background' in CMD | CmdBkg - InsertBMP v2.0 | By Misol101
Normal image background without text clutter


Aside from its main features, CmdBkg also has another unique feature. Which is that when you write "cmdbkg /?" in Cmd. it doesn't show the help text in the Cmd console as many other plugins do, instead, it will show a pop-up message containing the syntax. Not only displaying a pop-up message makes the syntax easy to read, but also it provides an uncluttered and clean interface.

Here's the general syntax of CmdBkg: 

Additional info:

Some additional information is provided by the creator of such magical utility. So, You should keep these points in mind - while using it for your own Batch Programs.
  1. If run from a batch script, cmdbkg.exe will block the script. To prevent this, it has to be run with: start "" cmdbkg.exe
  2. It's possible to have different background images for different console windows. New console windows do not inherit the background of its parent.
  3. It's possible to tint the image quite nicely by using the "color" command, e.g. "color d0" for a shade of purple with black text.
  4. Transparency can be adjusted without reloading the image by using my other tool "cmdwiz.exe" with operation "setwindowtransparency".

From Editor's Desk

So anyway, that's it for the article. I hope that you'll Download Cmdbkg & use it in your programs. I've had a pretty good experience using and I encountered no bugs while using it. However, if you manage to find any bug in the plugin, then be sure to report it down in the comment section. TheBATeam will try it's best to solve your problem. Thanks for Your time. Happy Coding!

VirusTotal verification for file safety: Link (Passed by 53 Anti-viruses)
Github Project Repository: Link
Official Explanation by Misol101: Link

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  1. Hello !
    This command did not work on Windows XP (since there is no Aero, so dwmapi is missing).
    Maybe there is a solution at this issue (multiples versions of this command, or dynamic linking of dwmapi ?) ?

    And for this issue : "Program blocks if run from a batch script, need to use: start "" cmdbkg"
    There is a solution :
    - darkbox (socket) solution (variant of Darkbatcher's solution) :
    - SuperBox (Darkbatcher) solution : check source code of
    Especially at superbox.c:290

  2. Hello, would anyone know how to disable the context menu when you right-click the console window? I've seen it done in Listc, the batch-file file explorer using a not well-known plugin that I can't seem to use...

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