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Make Simple - But, Advanced GUI Calculator with Clickable Buttons with Batch/Notepad Programming

Finally, After a long period of break from the world of the internet - TheBATeam is again back with all of its energy to improve and make things better for the Batch programmers across worldwide. Meanwhile, we've got requests from many Good programmers for their programs - And, we are going to post them soon.

Make Simple - but Advanced GUI Calculator with Clickable Buttons with Batch/Notepad Programming
Make Simple - but Advanced GUI Calculator with Clickable Buttons with Batch/Notepad Programming
So, Let's talk about what we are going to see in this article. Recently, On Our YouTube Channel we got one request from  '%Random% Chatter' to make an advanced calculator with clickable buttons. And, the project seems easy and achievable to us - So, We tried to accomplish it. Thus, We made a Mouse hover enabled - Windows 10 Like calculator (Just an inspiration).

The Project Idea
The Project took more than 10 mins to just Code. And, it may take more to make its algorithm better and more advanced. So, All you need is to invest Your Brain and time for making it more better. Let's have a look at it in more depth.
Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change. -Barbara Januszkiewicz

Advanced GUI Calculator with Clickable Buttons

The Project is a simple 1.6 Kbs of batch file - Which uses the Button Function 2.0 for displaying the amazing Buttons layout on the CMD console. This is due to this amazing button function 2.0 - that the project is automatically Mouse hover enabled & Mouse Clickable. All You need to do is the Coding for the algorithm of your desired project.

The Functions are now, serving Batch programmers as pre-defined libraries. So, Feel free to grab those functions And, use in your own programs.

How To Show Images on cmd Console? | Advanced CMD

The Project is as you know, actually a challenge of 10 mins. - which in real - we've failed to accomplish. But, Failure is not important - the important thing is - We've successfully managed to accomplish the goal. :)

The Video Challenge - 10 Min.

You can watch the following video - where I've tried to Code this Advanced GUI Based calculator in 10 Mins. I Hope, You'll like this video and the project itself. Please feel free to Leave a comment below - show your love And Queries.

In the End, We really thank Mr. Random for their Idea and motivation. And, to all those - who are waiting for their Projects to publish on this blog - Please be patient as, we are back on the track. We'll try to Post them as soon as possible. You can Download the Project Files & related Plugins from this Blog.

Support Us By Providing your comments about your thoughts. And, You can also share your work with the world via TheBATeam from Your Work Tab in the menu bar above. Once again... Thanks for your trust and time. :)

VirusTotal verification for file safety: Link
Download Github Project Repository: Link

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing...
Be Happy, Spread Happiness...


  1. Hello,

    I can't seem to figure out if this is what it is supposed to do or not.

    I press "1""2""+""4""E" And it changes the title to "16" as it's supposed to.
    But when I press "D" at that point It brings up the past equation, at this point I press "E" and it spits out "3" I then press "D" multiple times after that, at which point I press "E" again and I get the following error "Missing Operand"

    Is it supposed to do this or am I missing an operand ;)

    Or it could just be incompatable with XP 32-bit computer

    1. No, There is not compatibility issue regarding the program. But, the problem is with the code itself. As, After one use of the Calculator - user need to close & Relaunch it. (in order to avoid any bug) Because, I've not cleared/reset the variables which can create mess while the loop repeat itself.

      I was not in the mood of doing that... So, Uploaded the Code as it is. I Hope, you've found this issue and fixed it already. :) Thanks for asking though.


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