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Problems With Windows 10 CMD - New Changes!

December 31, 2017
With the New Windows 10 Update - Microsoft is trying to change the traditional CMD more and more. And, these Changes are directly affecting the way - batch programs output on the console. And, that is why - talking about them becomes very important. Maybe it is little late - But, it is better to be late - than never. :)

Problems With Windows 10 CMD - New Changes!
Problems With Windows 10 CMD - New Changes!

Problems With Windows 10 CMD

So, while Microsoft is trying to have a head-on competition with Linux's Terminal - in functionalities. But, as a by-product - they are losing the traditional properties and qualities of CMD. And, the new changes which are added to new CMD environment are:
  1. Added Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V commands Validity in CMD.
  2. Enabled the Quick Edit mode (by default).
  3. Window Resizing Like - Normal Windows applications.
  4. Text Selection & Transparency Adjustment.
But, With all of these changes - they've also changed the Pixel dimensions of normal character in windows CMD. So, let us talk about these two main problems - those arise with these changes. (That Most of the time Most of the Batch programmers are facing)

#1 Quick Edit Mode

Problems With Windows 10 CMD - New Changes!
Problems With Windows 10 CMD - New Changes!
The New - Windows 10 Comes with the Quick Edit mode enabled (by default). And, this feature interferes with the Mouse Click Enabled programs. Because you won't be able to transfer Mouse Hover or Click data to your plugin. And, Thus - your program seems to stop & not working. But, Your problem can be easily handled by Unticking this small Option. Just Right Click on Title of CMD > Defaults > Options (tab) > Quick Edit (checkbox). And, Untick this option easily.

Although, there are other options to enable/disable Quick Edit Mode of CMD via plugins. And, one of the solutions is From Misol101's CMDwiz Plugin.

#2 Changed Character Size

Problems With Windows 10 CMD - New Changes!
Character Size in Pixels - WINDOWS 10

If You'll Open the Properties of Your current CMD Console screen - What You'll see mainly is a change in the pixel sizes of Font Size. And, this little change in default settings of the CMD environment makes Different results of Various Batch Program's Output.

Problems With Windows 10 CMD - New Changes!
Character Size in Pixels - WINDOWS 7
This is why - You'll Notice That Mode 80,25 command in CMD will give different CMD size in Windows 7 & 10. Just because, there is the difference in fundamental unit size (character size) in both. So, Mathematically,
Mode 80,25 will make CMD : 640x300 pixels (WINDOWS 7) & 640x400 pixels (WINDOWS 10)
That is quite a big difference in Size - Because it can ruin the output of your program easily. And, you really need to keep it in mind to handle the same output on both platforms as windows 10 & all others.

While designing The Batch Store v.1.0 By Kvc this aspect of different output is kept in mind. So, that is why - it shows same output on both platform types. Simply making the program little more responsive to the platform it is running on.
How to Detect Current OS platfrom within Program?

 The Video Explanation

So, here's a small demo of this article in the video Form. And, it would be easier to understand all this with a Demo. So, this 2 min. video will really help you to make your life better and easy. Just watch it and understand things easily. :)

From Editor's Desk

So, that is all. And, the article is almost complete. You can leave your comments and precious feedback & views about these changes. Are they good? Bad? Better? Whatever... If you have some suggestions for others - Do take out 2 mins of your time and help all others. Thanks for your time. See you in the next article. :)


  1. In fact, this issue can be fixed directly in external command by changing console mode like this :
    In batbox, it is really easy to fix and have absolutly no overhead, however, we need the new version everywhere.
    In some other commands, this seem fixed like in darkbox that the fix was done 5 months ago with this message :
    > Disable QUICK_EDIT in core_i (to avoid some issues that some people have with batbox)


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