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Want to be ORIGINAL? - Be Ready to be Copied!

January 24, 2018
A brand is only considered as a Brand - because it is ORIGINAL. Or can I say, "It is the source of its copies!" So, In a way - a Copy makes a brand original. Similarly, TheBATeam has officially become a Brand. I know, I know - You must be thinking... What a self-praise this guy is! But, In real - We Found a CopyCat!

Want to be ORIGINAL? - Be Ready to be Copied!
Want to be ORIGINAL? - Be Ready to be Copied!

 Want to be ORIGINAL?

The main motive of this article is to keep you away from such Misleading copycats. Although, it doesn't matter what they do - in the end... They are also doing the same thing as TheBATeam - "Spreading the same information around the globe."

So, in their own way - They are a helping hand. But, In case - they are ruining our Repo. We want you to keep an eye on such Die Heart Followers of TheBATeam. So, no one gets wrong predictions and gets harm in the scenario. :) 

The Meaning of Life is to Find your Gift! 
And, the Purpose of life is to give it away.
-Pablo Picasso 

Get Ready to be Copied!

All n all, it is just a simple update for all the Batch programming Peers. Leave your comments and reactions below. Recently, I wrote an article on "Are You 'WISE' or 'INTELLIGENT'?" - If you have time, Read this little post (2 minutes of Read time). And, Suggest something!

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing...
Be Happy, Spread Happiness...

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