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Learn Batch Programming | Basics of Batch - Part II - Learning CMD Handling Basics

Learn Batch Programming | Batch File Tutorial: Finally, I got some time for the website. And, in this article - we are going to Have a look at the second part of the series that I developed after a good experience with batch programming over a long period of time. So, THIS ARTICLE WILL MAINLY FOCUS ON THE CMD COMMANDS. But, It also focuses on the basic handling shortcuts that you may need to know for starting Batch Programming.
When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.
Learn Batch Programming | Basics of Batch - Part II
Learn Batch Programming | Basics of Batch - Part II

Learn Batch Programming | Basics of Batch - Part II

As this is the second part of the Series Learn Batch Programming - And, You've learned a hell lot of theory in the first part. So, you'll see most of the practical implementation of the first part of the series in this Second part. And, in this part - we try to see each command output that you need to know to start with the batch programming.  So without delay, let's have a look at what we are going to learn in this part of the series.

Topics Covered in this Second Part of Series

  1. Some more Commands of cmd
    1. Prompt
    2. Attrib
    3. Call
    4. Color
    5. Copy
    6. Move
    7. Rem
    8. Date
    9. Time
    10. Del
    11. Mode
    12. Ren
    13. Type
  2. Important Shortcuts While executing commands in cmd
  3. What is Batch scripting (or Batch Programming)
  4. Variable handling in Batch
    1. The ‘set’ command…
    2. How a variable looks like in batch?? - What is Difference between !var! & %var%?
    3. Arithmetic Operations on variables…
  5. User interactions with Your Program …(Getting inputs from the user)
  6. Some Pre-defined variables in batch …(The environment variables)
  7. Conditional statement – The If Statement

As a demonstration speaks more than the article. So, here is the second video of the series "Learn batch programming". And, if you don't want to know about these commands you can skip the video to the time 9:20.  But, as we know BATCH is all about commands. so, the more commands you know the better it will be for you. 

Reference Book material (to read):

If you like to go through the small 20 pages PDF for the better understanding of what is being told in the tutorial. You can get the PDF version of the video (slightly better than the video itself) from the link given below. Simply Download it and correlate with the video - The book is written in simple and easy to understand language. And, a lot of programs examples are provided where needed.

Download Batch Programming Decoded - II

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