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How to Make a Batch File Save Information? | Database Function 1.3 By Lukaka

Advanced Batch Programming like the kind we do here at TheBATeam - requires the saving of lots of variables. Every batch programmer has Asked this Question Once - "How to Make a Batch File Save Information?" And, It can be especially difficult to assign passwords for specific set users or to save multiple bits of information for one thing, without using slow and complicated FOR LOOPS. This is all made easier with a new batch creation by Lucas Elliott and ITCMD called Database.bat

How to Make a Batch File Save Information? | Database Function 1.3 By Lukaka

Save Large Information Systematically with Database Function 1.3 | By Lukaka

Database.bat is a callable program made in the pure batch that is meant to replicate MySQL database storage. You can create a database with up to nine set variables, and each entry you add to it you designate values to the database. For example:

Call Database.bat create Users username password email

Would create a database with the variables “username”, “password”, and “email”. Then you can store some values to it:

Call Database.bat store Users “username=Joe” “password=1234” “
Call Database.bat store Users “username=Luke” “password=1234” “

So, far everything would look like this:
How to Make a Batch File Save Information? | Database Function 1.3 By Lukaka

Here is where things can get impressive. You can now access what Joe's password is

Call Database.bat read Users where “username=Joe” password

As you can see, it replied with the password you set in there. You can use for loops in batch codes to set the result to a variable. We can do the same thing with Luke and his email.

You can see how useful this can be. But it gets even better. Let's put in another to the Users database:

Call Database.bat store Users “username=Joe” “password=2468” “

As you can see, there is a contradiction here. There are two users with the username Joe. However, we can use the following command to get the right one:

Call Database.bat read Users where “username=Joe” and “” password

As you can see it figured out the right one. This is the core feature of Database.bat. You can also Read all of a Database:

Call Database read Users

Features of Database Function 1.3

You can also do the following:

  1. List Databases:
    Call Database.bat list
  2. Delete a database:
    Call Database.bat delete Users
  3. Remove data from a database (although this feature is not yet fully functioning)
    Call Database.bat remove Users “username=Luke”
  4. Delete all databases:
    Call Database.bat clearall
  5. Run a temp file check:
    Database.bat cleanup
  6. Check for updates:
    Database.bat update

How to Use Database 1.3 by Lukaka?

The file also has an advanced Help file (Database.bat help) which can be seen here:

DataBase Function 1.3 Help Menu

Words From The Creator

You can also see what ITCMD is working on regarding this project here: Link

The creators are asking for input from the community, and help with certain features like the remove command, so if you think you can help don't hesitate! The official website for IT Command is:

Video Demo of Usage & Features

From the Editor's Desk

This is all you get in the current Database function 1.3 by Lukaka. If you have any doubt or any suggestion for TheBATeam to add or remove from the function. Please leave a comment below. We'll try to work on your suggestion. 

You can download the Project and other related Documents from the link below. You can see the latest version of this project, as well as comment, report bugs. You can also submit Your own Projects to TheBATeam. And, We'll try to review them too. :)

All in all this batch program promises to be a very useful creation! Once the final version is completed it should make multiple variable storages much easier! Thanks for visiting us at TheBATeam where we keep you updated on new shell innovations, and as always, code on!

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Download Github Project Repository: Link

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