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Create Simple Keylogger Yourself with Notepad | Keylogger V.2.0 in Batch

Hello readers, we’re back with an upgrade to the favorite key logger program in batch, as in the previous ver.1.0, we were dealing with a pure batch keylogger, but as you all know, it has some limitations. That’s why now is the time for releasing v.2.0 of the batch keylogger.

Batch Keylogger 2.0 by kvc
Keylogger v.2.0

Features & Limitations of Batch KeyLogger 2.0:

This key-logger is able to log all keys pressed… [A-z and a-z and 0-9]. It can also log special characters (e.g. Enter key, space, ESC Etc…) as to remove the limitation of the previous version. But this version also has some of its own limitations…as it can’t log function keys, arrow keys etc. These limitations may be removed in ver.3.0 of this program. (Hope so…)

As in ver. 1.0, we used ‘Choice.exe or choice.Com’ for logging pressed keys on the keyboard and this file has some limitations as you can’t log special keys with the help of it. so, to remove this error, I’ve created my own custom logging plugin file which returns only ASCII value of the pressed key. Hence can easily log any pressed key.

About The Keylogger in Notepad v.2.0

The exe file is built in c language and you can download it From the link given below. And you will also get compiled exe file extension. As some people will say that I’ve used c language, so this is not a true keylogging in batch. For those curious people, I just wanna tell them, that batch is the programming language which is so flexible that we can use feature of all other languages to complete our purpose, and one more thing :-

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As we used Choice.exe/com For version 1.0, that is also a file Compiled in c Or any other language and we just fulfilled our requirement by using that file in ver.1.0. you can find Choice.exe/com. In your system in ‘C:\windows\system32‘ folder.

For any info. Contact me by contact us form right to this post, you can leave a comment below this post too, if you’ve liked our work in the field of batch programming.

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