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How to Change Left Click to Right Click? | Mouse Button Swapping

Mouse Button swapping is very simple and short trick using the power of batch programming as it only needs single line of Code… Yes ! You read it right,it only needs to remember a Single line, to put your peers in the situation like hell.

As after you execute this trick on their computers, they can’t operate their computers/laptops and almost no one of your buddies would know how to fix the Mouse Button Switching problem?. They’ll beg to you for fixing their PC and you can get anything of your choice in-return.

Simple But Effective way to Swap MOuse Buttons

I tried this trick on my Brother’s Laptop… and played My Fav. Game COD (Call Of Duty) on it as an agreement for repairing. This problem of Swapped Mouse Buttons. You can also use this Trick for your benefit… or to frighten your younger Brother / Sister that they’ve ruined your PC, and to never touch it again.

Steps To Switching Mouse Buttons:

  • Take Out the “Keyboard” from under the Pc Desk…
  • Press The Key Combo… “Windows + R“.
  • Type in “Cmd” + Enter.
  • Now here’s the Main Step… Note it Carefully…Type in the Cmd Console (In The Black screen) the following line…
Rundll32 user32 , SwapMouseButton

And, Press Enter after typing the above command. VOILA! You are done!

The changes will take effect immediately. Try Clicking with your Mouse on the Screen and it seems Something is wrong with the system, and it feels Difficult to operate…

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Turn The Trick into a Small Program

You can also make a Batch Script (A simple Text file with the extension ‘.bat‘,’.Cmd‘)… and you only have to double click on it to swap the mouse buttons,instead of opening CMD again and again.

Here’s the Link to the Code of Batch Script below this Post. You can download it Simply and run it On your System to have a try of ‘How to do it?’ & ‘How to Fix it Back?’.Because… 

But Before Doing anything to your system… Please Do read the full post and know to fix the System to its original position, as some Famous man once said…

Before you start anything,
Learn, how to finish it…

A Wise Man

How to Revert Back the MOUSE BUTTON SWAPPING?

  • Right Click [left Click in case of its effect] on Your Desktop.
  • Click On : “Personalize“.
  • Click on : 
  • Select ‘Buttons’ Tab :
  •  Untick the Following option :
  • Then ‘Apply’ And ‘Ok’ …Done.

Download Link

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