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Data Protector for Win8 or 8.1 | by KVC

In this article, we gonna talk about the data protector for win8 by kvc. It is basically based on the inability or limitation of windows to make or delete some files and folders. This program will not work in windows 7. As only this platform is allowing to open These kinds of folders or files, but even though it is opening in windows 7, it is not allowing to modifying, creating or deleting These kinds of files.

The program will perfectly work in windows 8 or above, but it is not tested on below windows 7 platform.

Data Protector’s First Use

Desktop View Of Hiding data.bat File

Desktop View

When you’ll create a folder in windows using this program. You will not be able to open it directly by double click, even though you’ll try to move or delete it. Windows will show some Error messages Like “windows is not able to delete this folder”. But after unlocking the same folder with this script, you can have full access to your personal data.

Explorer’s Handle Error

Moreover, if you try to see the properties of the locked folder, it will show 0 bytes, even though it contains lots of your hidden data. The program is a kind of by pass of the Windows natural file-system. And it may provide you additional security of your data. So, no loss of personal data will occur.

Trying to Open It

The program is based on the limitation of windows that it can’t open folders named Con Etc. and you can’t even make this folder directly in windows. You’ll get the following Error one can, even the administrator can’t delete this folder (once created).

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Error Message In Win10

To lock/unlock data

To lock/unlock data: just run this script in folder you want to Protect data. and after this, it creates a folder named ‘con’ In that path…just drag your items to that folder…they get protected and to unlock re-run the same-script. You can use this awesome Batch program At your own risk.

@echo off
set t=timeout /t "1"^>nul
set e=if not exist
set x=%systemdrive%\system
%e% "%x%\logs" (md "%x%\logs")
%e% "%cd%\con\" (md "%cd%\con\")
mode 165,55
title Special program by KVC
%e% "Status.txt" (goto chk)
goto UL

set /p kvc[0]=<"%x%\access_path.Kvc"&echo. Getting All Info. ...&%t%
set /p raw[1]=<"%kvc[0]%\pass_[0].exe"
set part[1]=%raw[1]:~0,2%
set /p part[2]=<"%raw[1]:~2%\pass[1].exe"
set pass.complete=%part[1]%%part[2]%
echo.&echo.&echo. Enter Password To Get Access ! or 'cp' to change Password !&set /p a=^-^>
if "%a%" equ "cp" (goto change)
goto verify

%t%&echo. Preparing System for use ...&%t%
%e% "%x%" (
md "%x%"
attrib +s +r +a +h "%x%"

if exist "%x%\access_path.Kvc" (goto top)
echo. Enter your New Password to Unlock your Files
set /p b=Password :
echo.&echo. Please Verify it !
set /p c=Password :
if "%b%"=="%c%" (goto next)
goto chk

set len=0
set xx=%b%

if "%xx%" neq "" (
set xx=%xx:~1%
set /a len=%len%+1
goto loop

echo.&echo.&echo.Password Length : %len% &echo.
set f=%b:~0,2%
set fm=%b:~2%
set /p ax=<"%x%\access_path.Kvc"
attrib +r +a +s +h "%userprofile%\pass[1].exe"
attrib +r +s +a +H "%ax%\pass_[0].exe"
%t%&echo. Done !&%t%
echo. Clearing Screen ...&&%t%
cls&%t%&goto top

if "%a%" equ "%pass.complete%" (
%e% "%cd%\New" (md "%cd%\New")
%e% "%cd%\con\" (echo.&echo. No Private Directory Present Here !&%t%&%t%&goto End)
attrib +r +s +a +h "Status.txt"
echo. >>"%x%\logs\%date%.txt"
echo. >>"%x%\logs\%date%.txt"
robocopy con\ new\ *.* /e /move /r:3 /w:3 /eta /log+:"%x%\logs\%date%.txt" /tee
echo.Unlocked Private Directory .>Status.txt
echo. Unlocked Private Directory ...
%t%&goto End
goto invalid

%e% "con\" (md "con\")
robocopy new\ con\ *.* /e /move /r:3 /w:3 /eta /tee
echo.&echo.&echo. Locked Successfully !&echo.&del /q "Status.txt"
%t%&goto End

echo.&echo.&echo. Invalid Password !
%t%&%t%&goto End

exit /b

set /p m=Enter Previous Password :
if "%m%"=="%pass.complete%" (
del /q "%x%\*.Kvc"
attrib -r -s -a -h "%kvc[0]%\pass_[0].exe"
del /q "%kvc[0]%\pass_[0].exe"
attrib -r -s -a -h "%raw[1]:~2%\pass[1].exe"
del /q "%raw[1]:~2%\pass[1].exe"
goto chk
goto invalid

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