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Box function v.3.0 by Kvc

As you know that The Box function v.1.0 and 2.0 were very much efficient and effective in making the batch programs more advanced and GUI kinda thing.

But the problems of Box function ver.1.0 were solved by creating version 2.0, which was more efficient and faster than ver.1.0. As we already know that version 2.0 uses fn.dll file for printing the box layout on the console.

The function’s main idea is to print a box on the console by using any method. So, calling the plugin file fn.dll repeatedly makes it an enemy of CPU usage, thus as it seems it was not that much efficient.

While batbox.exe is a plugin that has the property of performing multiple commands in just a single go, without using CPU resources much.

Box Function v.3.0 by Kvc

Hence, we used this property of batbox.exe in our version 3.0 of the Box function. Where version 1.0 uses 260 ms to perform an action and ver. 2.0 uses 190 ms to perform the same action.

Here’s the main advantage of the Box function ver.3.0 as it uses only 80 ms to perform the same action. Also, the code length (Size of function) got reduces due to the more systematic approach towards the goal.

A Preview

Box function v.3.0 by Kvc

The above image will show you a demonstration of printing a simple Box on the console using Box function ver.3.0 by kvc. These are the minimum number of arguments that you have to provide, in order to print a proper box on the console.

If you want to add or change the properties of the Box to be printed on the console. Then you need to provide some more parameters while calling the Box function from your batch file.

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So, let’s see the help menu of this function as it is the main thing which can provide true information about using this function.

Help Menu

As you can see, extra unnecessary options are removed in version 3.0 (dialogue box option) because you can make any box dialogue box by simply providing the right color codes while calling this function.

All rest options remain the same, in order to keep things simpler for the users of version 1.0 and 2.0 of this Box function by Kvc. Also, this function is approx. 70% faster than the previous version. Which is a huge success for #TheBATeam.

Usage Example

The example for using this function in your batch files is shown in the above picture. You just have to write a line similar to the above line in your batch file and don’t forget to write ‘Call’ before the Box, otherwise, your program may show some unwanted crashes.

You can print dialogue boxes on the console as shown in the image below.

Dialogue Box

At-last, we only have to say this much that, if you really like our work in the field of batch programming, feel free to leave your precious reviews/feedback below in the comment field. Till then, as we always say…

Keep learning, keep sharing…

Be happy, spread happiness…

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