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Locker version 3.0 by Kvc

Hey, Hello there! Like our all other applications and products are in the batch and the previous versions of this program ‘LOCKER by KVC’ were also in Batch Programming, And most of you know the fact that ‘Locker’ was my first batch application which I have created for securing my private data. It was around 2010 or 2011.

Start Screen Of Locker

My Story – LOCKER by KVC

I had just started learning batch programming from some unofficial websites and other sources, I came across a very simple and foolish Batch Program, named as ‘Locker’. The reason, I said it foolish is that, the script itself contains the password.

In other words, Anyone who knows, what a IF statement does in any program can easily get that, Program is comparing your entered data to a simple string. And once you know that string, You know the real password.

So, I decided to upgrade this shit of code and making something useful needs time, as I have already told you that “It was my first Program”. It took about 2 months to completely develop a locking program. 

The interface was although very weird and unpleasant, but I managed to complete my first self started project. So, I named it as ‘Locker v.2.0’. The Program saves User Password to a different location, rather than including it in the Program script. Thus, it is a little safer than Locker v.1.0. [unless you know the location of Password file]

Log-in Window


Then after few months, i thought to make this program more powerful and effective with a better Data handling technique, And better ui (user interface). So i moved towards the Visual basics Programming language, And i started working on it via Visual studioAnd after a few months, i came up with the Locker version 3.0 By Kvc

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Log-in Window

As VB Provides pre-prepared UI for the programs, I didn’t need to make it from the scratch. This version also uses some files of the previous version to accomplish its task. Although it is much stable and easy to understand than older versions of Locker.

Sign-up Tab

Before Starting to use this awesome program, you need to open Menu and click on the Sign-up tab. Which will lead you to a window where, you have to fill details. In order to create an local account, after that you can easily lock / unlock your selected program as per your requirement. 

Menu Window

In any case, you need to use version 2.0 or You wanted to uninstall this awesome program form your computer, you need to open ‘cmd version‘ of the program and select the uninstall option from there. 

In the End, I just wanted to say that, I created this program for me, but then I realized maybe it will be useful for others also. Hence, I’m sharing it with you. I hope you’ll like it. If you find any Bugs or flaws in it, please report it in the comments below.

Keep learning, keep sharing…
Be happy, spread happiness…

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