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Box Function ver.2.0 By Kvc

Hey! What’s up to programmers, we’re back with some new things related to batch programming “Box function ver.2.0 by kvc”. We hope it will help you in your various projects and results in Awesome create.

As the ver.1.0 was not really a batch file, it was compiled feature of “advanced B2E converter”, which allows us to add ASCII character box in our batch programs.

We’ve created an algorithm which can easily calculate and arrange all necessary ASCII characters together to print a box on the cmd console with the help of  ‘fn.dll’, Which is a faster and  efficient plugin of Batch programming, thus it has its own significance.

This 4.19 KB batch code [Box Function v.2.0] will reduce your lot of hard work and headache, as, during the creation of an awesome Batch file, some small-small factors of the layout and arrangement of data on the cmd console may reduce the effectiveness of your program on the user.

This batch extension will help you in managing all that in a specified space and improves the appearance of your program. I’ve used this plugin in one of my best Batch project named “The B paints ver.1.0 (pending)”.

B paints by Kvc


The box feature that you see there in theTools selection’ menu. That box tool uses this function (box ver.2.0) there and you can experience it Yourself by using B paints.

That its response is very quick. The speed of Function is all because of a better algorithm, better response and better compatibility of fn.dll plugin over other batch plugins.

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As this box ver 2.0 is not an independent batch file, i.e. you can’t simply copy and paste it somewhere else and start using its feature. For all this what you have to do is copy the box.bat file along with fn.dll file to your desired folder and then you can use its properties.

First, try on B paints by Kvc

The box function takes ‘8 arguments’, “yes”, you read it right, “8”, where all are necessary for the various requirements and conditions. You may or may not define them all, but you must define the first 4 arguments in order to get a standard box on the cmd console.

Help Menu

You must have seen the older version of window 1.0, which shows some dialogue box which was fully character-based, you can create similar dialogue boxes using the box v.2.0 function in the cmd console.

The Box Showing different time options

The average response time of various Box functions in printing a standard box of size (Rows=20, Columns=60) at (x=5, y=5).

[Syntax: call Box.bat 5 5 20 60 ]

Box function ver.1.0 : 260 ms, Box function ver.2.0 : 190 ms, Box function ver.3.0 :   80 ms 

[ver.3.0 is Not available yet]

So, ver. 2.0 is 30% faster and efficient than ver. 1.0, with 4 new options.

Just a trial

Ver.3.0 is 60% faster and efficient than ver. 2.0. With the reduction of a wanted and extra parameter/argument of the function. (Ver. 3.0 is 70% faster than 1.0.)

The algorithm, as well as the batch function code and design, is created by Kvc.

Waiting for your precious response about this plugin… ☺

Keep learning, keep sharing

Be happy, spread happiness

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