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The Stopwatch By Catur Surya

As you read in the title of this Post that this Stopwatch module in Batch Programming is created by Catur Surya, and fixed by Kvc.

 Mr. Surya messaged me about his Stopwatch program and mentioned that his program is not working as expected and asked me to fix it.

StopWatch by C.S.

After reading the code and understanding the algorithm by which Mr. Surya created this awesome program, I assured him that I can fix it but I asked him for a favor in return.

Thus, he allowed me to post this awesome little Batch application on this Blog. He’s such a nice and kind-hearted person. I appreciate his work in the field of Batch Programming.

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The moment when I saw his code for ‘The Stopwatch’, I got amazed with the innovative thinking of Mr. Surya, as he used ‘choice’ command very innovatively to use it as a Stopwatch like utility perhaps I might not be able to think like that.

But then I came to know the reason why it is acting weird after executing the script. I came to know about its 7 errors and 2 unused variables. Some of them were logical.

After fixing these errors, #TheBATeam thought about adding something more in it, to make it more advanced. So, we introduce the ‘Pause-restart’ Option and preceding zero’s (algorithm), if the number is of single Digit (i.e. 0 to 9).


The Program is very simple and easy to use. All of the options of the program are displayed directly to the User while the working of the Stopwatch. You just have to Press Keyboard keys as per your requirements. 

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You can easily download this Awesome Batch Application. From the link given at the bottom of this post. You can use it for time-management while working on your PC or lappy. 

You can also share your innovative idea with us at Our Facebook Page or on this Blog. We would like to read about your innovative ways of using this awesome batch application.

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