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File Manager | By Kvc

Creating an alternate File Manager for windows is Not an Easy task to do. As The File Manager that Microsoft Windows is providing with their Product (i.e. explorer.exe) is so much better and effective.

That user don’t need to use any external File-Manager which can be useful in any scenario. But, here that’s not the case.

My Computer

We’re Making this in order to understand the basics behind the making of Such an advanced and complex File manager by windows. And do all that using very limited resources and for better performance. 

Because, the only BAD thing with Windows Explorer is that it uses alot of resources. But comparing to other applications, it is quite ‘ok’ to use it as a default.

 But, last Year One of my RAM Chip got failed. I only have to survive on 1 GB of RAM (700 MB usable) for almost a year, due to some money problems. And then, The default explorer.exe costs a lot of resources to me.

Sometimes results in hanging windows so i decided to give it a go and make an alternative program to overcome this problem then i created this.

Which not only is very handy and effective but also uses very less RAM approx_200 k bs max which is much lesser than usual windows Explorer exe program.

A look in my C drive


File manager by kvc is an Application created in batch. Which shows all hidden or system files/folders and you can easily access them like in your mobile’s file manager.

It is created for the sake of easiness of user usage and betterment of resource usage.

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It uses some of the cmd extensions for fulfilling the purpose. I’ve created two versions of this application. As both versions uses fn.dll for getting input but 1st one uses gotoxy.exe while other one uses colous.exe.

The reason why, I’ve used colous.exe in 2nd version is the response time. As the response time of ‘gotoxy.exe‘ much longer than ‘colous.exe‘.

You can yourself determine this difference while using this awesome batch utility. You can simply download the zip package below to get both files…

Renaming a Folder

Help Window

You can easily get the Help window, whenever you wanted by simply pressing ‘F1’ from the keyboard. As this File-Manager is simply CUI based.

Hence you can only interact with it via keyboard inputs, not mouse input can be possible with thisYou can give it a try, and make suggestion for improvements and bugs in this First version of this awesome utility program.

Help window 

Tip: When you run the “File manager.exe” Press ‘F1‘ key for getting help about how to use it…

Hack: You can remove/add permissions of any file/folder through this file manager via pressing ‘F11’ and ‘F12’. If you locked it from file-manager, and if you then try to open that file/folder in your windows explorer even then it shows Access Denied !

So, Give it a try and share your reactions and experience even if they are bad we’re waiting for your reviews. 

Keep learning, keep sharing….
Be happy, spread happiness…


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