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TheBATeam – Core Values

Purpose: To put more clarity on our focus as a team – and the kind of mindset we have and support in the team environment. Following is the extract of TheBATeam Core values. We focus on 6 values, Each has its own importance for building a good team environment. Always, the main focus is – “The world will get better when individual lives will get better!

1. Values are – what you do, not what you say!

  • Your Action speaks louder than words! – So, make a Loud Noise!!
  • Contributions in team communication – matters.

2. It is not about You

  • It is about the team & its growth. So, Believe in the bigger vision, but at the same time – Never stop asking questions.
  • It is about the Quality – that we are expected to deliver. (Providing Genuine information)

3. Always do – what is needed to be done

  • Not more; Not less!
  • Do not try to be a perfectionist. And Do not do it without caring about the quality. Learn to find an equilibrium point.
  • Always do your Best.

4. Do your Karma

  • Just focus on doing your part – the bigger vision will be achieved automatically.
  • Know your Purpose in the team.

5. Prefer Simplicity over complexity

  • We prefer minimalism – Showing more in Less.
  • Remove all the clutter and focus on – what’s important.

6. Believe in a constructive mindset

  • Creation is Difficult – Destruction is Easy! So, Leave the Easy part for small mindsets.

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