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The Ultimate Guide for CMD / DOS / BATCH Programming

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About Course

Consider your operating system as a river and your selected programming language as a Boat. There are hell lot of boats available out there. you can select any of them - to travel through the river. You can select Pyhton, Java, VBS, etc to travel across the river.

But, What I am trying to do through this course? - "You can consider this as a Swimming Lesson!" The knowledge you will get through this will make you aware about the River (OS) and You can handle this in better way in your projects - like a Pro user.


Learn Batch from Scratch


This course is for beginners – who don’t even know about computer programming / first-time users or interested in knowing more about computers. Even if you are an advanced user – You will definitely know something new from this one.


A Quiz is also attached after each video, if possible to test out your learnings and challenge your knowledge.


After completing this course – you will be more familiar with your windows environment (in-depth understanding). CMD comes by-default within your windows installation – this tool is used for many troubleshooting and creative purposes.


Learning about CMD will help you understand the Operating system itself – and you will become a power user for Windows. The knowledge will also be relevant to the Linux bash terminal, and many other advanced languages as well.

What Will I Learn?

  • Basics of windows - how it works?
  • Basic troubleshooting your computer problems
  • knowledge of hidden, but available tools in your OS
  • How does a programmer think?
  • Solving complex problems with simple methods - INNOVATION
  • Doing Bulk things with a single click
  • Important CMD commands - default commands of windows
  • To program to Editing & Modifying Files
  • Manipulating other Commands to get the required result
  • Using files for special operations and command manipulation
  • Tweaking multiple command results to fetch the required data
  • Understanding basic environment manipulation of Batch / CMD
  • LOOPs - GOTO, FOR, While (creation)
  • Detailed Discussion on FOR LOOP / FOR COMMAND
  • Special Operators & Parameters in batch
  • Creating Your Own Functions to use later in CMD
  • Magical Shift Command
  • File Handling with simple operators
  • String manipulation in batch
  • Understanding Windows Registry
  • Read and manipulating online data/websites
  • Create desktop apps as per your requirements
  • Creating dynamic code - to make it auto-update with the website data updates
  • Power of CMD/Terminal to control real-world situations
  • Controlling Electronic chips (pre-programmed chips/Microcontrollers)
  • Handling Arduino UNO & Its copy clones (open-source cheap clones)
  • Being less curious about electricity
  • There are more crazy guys out there, than you
  • Don't underestimate the power of Notepad/CMD
  • Batch is the most flexible language of all

Topics for this course

15 Lessons3h 17m 25s


Assessment – 1
Assessment – 2
THE FOR LOOP – I00:13:17
Assessment – 3
THE FOR LOOP – II00:13:30
Assessment – 4
Closing Beginners Section00:00:54



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great just do it!!!

Indeed a great tutorial !

Just complete the course! Quite informative things... I am Cool.


Material Includes

  • Batch Programming Decoded - Book (by Kvc)
  • Full Free Access to all of the Tools on
  • Q&A Quiz after every video demo


  • Open Mindset
  • Windows OS (above vista)
  • Arduino UNO (not mandatory)

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