An official Batch Programming blog! To Solve the daily problems with windows and fixing them with little notepad scripts. Unlock the Hidden Secrets of Windows, Learn to crack Software via CMD & Make your own Programming tools. Understand to Manipulate your PC via CMD.


Karanveer Chouhan
Founder / Manager / Owner

I'm sharing all my personal work via this Website with all of you. Because, I don't want my talent to die with me. I want that, people visit and if they need, they can make their lives better from it.

A Mechanical Engineer, Hobby Programmer, Blogger, Article Writer, Basic Video Editor, Freelancer, E-tutor, Marketing Executive and most important - HUMAN BEING.

Namish Kashyap
Co-Founder / Manager / Owner

The main Reason behind TheBATeam Platform, Handling all the Backend and Frontend things of the Website. Provides New Ideas for making the platform better and Simpler.

A Designer, Web Developer, Photoshop GOD, Video Editor, 3D Modeller, Freelancer, Amazonian and Most important - HUMAN BEING!

Damodar Nagina
Video Editor / Finance Manager

Energetic Enthusiast, Always ready to kill the workload. Understands the Value of Individual team member. And, Play along the Team to make it stronger.

A Video Editor, CA, Freelancer, Team Spirit and Most important - GOOD HUMAN BEING!

Lucas Elliott
Article Writer / Discord Admin / Programmer

Batch coder dedicated to problem solving, creating easy to use and Compatible scripts. A devoted follower of Christ, and an author.

Managing most of the Responses as Mini-Admin @Official TheBATeam Server @Discord. Really supportive and Full of Team Spirit. Fairly well known batch coder, devoted to problem solving - A GOOD HUMAN BEING!

Dennis Kabue
Moble Application Developer / Freelancer / Electrical Engineer / Network Engineer / Batch Programmer

Innovative Batch Programming Hobbyist, Passionately Working on New Ways to Make the Impossible Possible! Always Ready to Help out By Giving Logical Help and Managing the Articles Section of @theBATeam Server!

Wannabe Fullstack Developer 🙂, Network Engineer by Day for A Tech Company in Kenya! - Good Human Being!

Ankita Mehra
Article Writer

There is no rule on how to write. Writer of TheBATeam with an innovative brain in order to produce some cool content! Also Has the responsibility for maintaining the Website from Data Perspective.

Article writer, hobby programmer , content creator. Managing the article department. DON'T DREAM FOR IT, BETTER WORK FOR IT - A CREATIVE HUMAN BEING!!!

Zeek Halykr
Article Writer / Discord Admin / Programmer

I am 14, A Batch coder for almost 7 years, dedicated to providing solutions for simple problems and expanding the batch language. Computer architecture enthusiast & Hobby programmer.

Has been in TheBatTeam for 2 years now. Loves video games!

Sarath Sasidharan
Brand Manager / Social Media Relations / Digital Marketing Manager

" The Day is what you make it "

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, People management Microsoft Word, Sales, and Strategic Planning.


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