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Batch Games | Creating Beauty From Code

March 04, 2018
Games are amazing programs that humans have ever created. You can enjoy a complex Programming technique without even going through all the code of the Game. And, In the programming language as simple and Limited as Batch, it seems impossible to imagine the traditional games. But, there are genius programmers around the world – who contributes to show that If we are determined enough! We can achieve anything in life.

Batch Games | Creating Beauty From Code
Making Games in Batch is not an easy task. I myself, is not able to create a single game from the day I’ve started Batch. But, watching other’s games in Batch always astonishes me. That’s why, this section of Batch Games is here. To make a collection of all the awesome Batch Games. So, they should be available to everyone for use and learn more. I’m also leaning from the complex algorithms and techniques they are using to make complex games without using any of the Batch Plugin. This is an amazing experience.
Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. 
When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful.
For the sake of Simplicity & Easiness of navigation. I’ve converted almost all complex pages into Simple Formats. Here’s the Table below contains a list of All currently available Batch Games to TheBATeam. You can provide your own creations or your own Batch Game Collections Here [link]. The Table is arranged as per the Name of the Games, because this layout helps us to arrange the new data with older data Easily.

And, In the End – I would like to thank Sounak@9434 for their Great Feedback about the vulnerability of the Batch Games Page before. We’re thinking about updating it from a long time. But, Your E-mail gave us a Strong reason to complete the task quickly. Thanks to all authors too, for providing these creations for free.

(Hint: Use ‘Middle Mouse Scroll’ to Click on the links, it will open them in New Tab.)

[Game Name] - [Author] - [Description]


  1. Batch Chess - Kolto101 - First Batch Chess Game, with proper Functioning of the pieces.
  2. Batch Pong - MagicDOS - Amazing Pong game, Play with computer.
  3. Batch BattleShip - Kolto101 - Didn’t played this one. But, I’m sure this one would be another amazing one.
  4. Batch Blackjack - Kolto101 - Bet Your money on the Cards and let the luck make the moves.
  5. BatchPoker - JohnBatch - Amazing Poker game, Uses no external plugin. Shows beautiful output.
  6. Blockout 3D Tetris - Misol101 - An advance and Complex version of traditional 2D tetris game.


  1. Escape world - MagicDOS - Have the dare to escape the world??


  1. Flappy Bird v.1.0 - MagicDOS - Protect your Bird from all the obstacles coming in its way.
  2. Flappy Bird v.2.0 - MagicDOS - This time, your Bird is little Fatty and advanced obstacles are in the way.


  1. Horse Jumping - MagicDOS - Jump your Horse, to protect it from striking obstacles in the path.
  2. HexNuts - MagicDOS - Similar to the Sokoban Game, but named differently.


  1. Maze Game - Sounak@9434 - Great Maze game, to find the right path among all others.


  1. Paratrooper - MagicDOS - Land on another island to take it under control. Can you survive?
  2. Pokemon Game - Coder-San - A Text based ‘Virtual’ Pokemon game. Give it a try!


  1. Space Fighter - MagicDOS - The traditional Space fighter game. Amazing stuff!
  2. Sokoban -  Carlos - Use arrow keys to Push the Boxes in the Holes, where they belongs.
  3. Snake Game - Dave Benham - A Pure Batch Game, Without any External Extensions.


  1. The Adventure Game - SmartGenius - The character in game can jump, and use arrow keys to finish the levels.
  2. The Tetris game - SmartGenius - Traditional – video game Tetris in the batch mode. ♥
  3. The Pair Game - SmartGenius - Another amazing creation of Smart Genius.
  4. The Worm Game - Carlos - More like Famous Snake Game, But still a worm.
  5. The Worm Game v.2.0 - Carlos - The worm is becoming bigger and enhanced.
  6. Tic Tac Toe - Carlos - The School-time game of ‘O’ & ‘X’ Comes to life in Batch. (Mouse Enabled)
  7. Tic Tac Toe - Cody Abode - Simple, Basic Tic Tac toe game. Play it via Keyboard keys. (Keyboard)


  1. ViewPoint Honguito98 - Amazing batch game, with colors and background music.


  1. War of Space - MagicDOS - Fight Against the Darkness! “May the Force be with you!”



  1. Sounak i see that you have a maze game but where i can see it?

  2. Hello, I would like to present many projects (one by me) :
    - batpion (a tic-tac-toe with impressive features)
    Pretty oldish (2015) with a "deprecated" SockeT version (first version, originaly for BaTankx (then TXCobalt), a multiplayer experimental game with serious C# server and base, but lately used for httpBat (IK-DC)).

    A lot more recent, the first game using darkbox by Xenoxis (IK-DC) :


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