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Terms & Conditions !!

July 24, 2017
"Increase Your Knowledge, By your Knowledge."

This Blog seems to be Odd as No extra decoration is there, but it makes this Blog more lighter and easy to load. As We prefer Quality over Quantity. That's why it has only few colors and very less Images !!

This Blog is Created only as for Educational Purpose, If Someone uses Content from this Blog for Illegal activity. Then Only he/she will be responsible not the owner of this blog.

We are not here to provide some childish basic things about batch programming that you can find on every third website containing tricks of cmd. e.g. The Matrix Effect, Fake Batch Virus, Annoying Msgbox display, Shutdown Pc giving stupid reason etc. tricks. Read Our Vision here...

The Scripts (by kvc scripts) From this Blog Comes under the
GNU license, and all scripts are Without warranty...Use them with your Own Intelligence...

However, it is not allowed to publish (copies of) my scripts (by Kvc scripts) on your own site, or distribute them on paper, CD or by whatever medium, without the proper naming of the Scripter and the reference link from where you got that script (hence copyrighted freeware)...You must inform me about your usage of my script at ''

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