An official Batch Programming blog! To Solve the daily problems with windows and fixing them with little notepad scripts. Unlock the Hidden Secrets of Windows, Learn to crack Software via CMD & Make your own Programming tools. Understand to Manipulate your PC via CMD.

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Batch Archive [Version 3.0]
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Typography Function ver.1.0 |by Kvc

Print Factorial of a Number | By Kvc

Display Box Layout in CMD | Box Function 2.0 By Kvc

How to Print Only Prime Numbers with Batch programming | By Kvc

Keylogger Ver.3.0 – KEYLOGGER IN BATCH | By Kvc

Box function v.3.0 by Kvc

Locker version 3.0 by Kvc

ASCII Code Reveler Ver.1.0 | By Kvc

Keylogger in Batch 1.0 by Kvc | keylogger script using cmd

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