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CMD Extensions | Batch Plugins

This Page Contains Some Extra Extensions/Batch Plugins for making your Batch Programming more easy, reliable and advanced. Here We’re Sharing some of them that we’re using to make Our Batch Programs More effective. You can Download them, and Use into your Batch Programs. If You Like Our Work, Please Do comment! As They make us feel alive again.

Most of the Following Plugins are Created By Kvc, But Not All. You can also find the Creations of Some amazing Programmers – Who keeps on putting Efforts in making Batch Programming a better and Easy to learn Language. You can Download the Required extension by Simply Clicking on the corresponding Link.

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If you want any Extra Extension or You want to share your own plugin. You are heartily welcome. Just comment on your Requirement, we’ll try to fulfill it. We’ve Updated this Page and Removed all the Unnecessary Junk Functions / Plugins. Because, Those functionalities can be achieved with the standard Batch Plugins available. This is the One Place to have a wider view of Heart of TheBATeam website (

And, We’ve again Updated the Format in order to make things better and simple for the users. And, Now you can easily find the plugin of your need from this table like layout.

The kvc
Note: The unavailable Functions will be available soon! Have patience.

Batch Plugins

This table contains some of the Batch plugins to help you enhance your code and make Awesome Creations with least efforts.
AtCenter1.0KvcMoves CMD Window to the center of Screen.
Ascii1.0AaciniShow Ascii codes of string literals and Batch variables.
AES1.0Fatih KodakDecode/Encode files/data using the AES algorithm.
AffPng2.1SachaDeePrints Png/jpg/bmp Images on screen without dialog box.
AC 1.0Michał BukowskiAllows precise math calculation with decimals/floats.
AC1.1Michał BukowskiAllows Precise mathematical Calculation with advance maths functions.
Box 1.0 KvcPrints a Box like Layout in CMD Console.
Box 2.0 KvcFaster and efficient than ver.1.0.
Box 3.0 KvcPrints a Box, quickly than previous versions.
Box 4.0 KvcPrints a box, with different box styles. (New Styles + Fast Display)
Batbox 1.0 DarkBatcher Allows to perform multiple tasks in single go. (1 file for all options!)
Batbox 3.1 DarkBatcherSame Properties but with new additional switches.
Button1.0Kvc Print a button like layout on CMD console.
Button2.0Kvc Prints an advance button + Mouse Clickable + Mouse Hover in CMD.
Base64 1.2 Fatih KodakDecode/Encode files using the Base64 algorithm.
Fatih KodakCompress/Decompress files using the BriefLZ algorithm.
Circle 1.0Kvc Prints a GUI circle on the CMD console.
CmdWiz1.0Misol101 39 in 1 Plugin, Almost control everything on CMD.
Misol101Set any BMP image as permanent CMD Background. (Change Transparency)
CmdMenuSel1.4JudagoAllows to create Simple, but advance menu options.
CursorPos1.0Aacini Get cursor Position or set cursor Position.
CursorSize1.0Aacini - Get cursor size or set cursor size.
Aacini Show characters in the same way as Show.exe, but in color.
ColorChar1.0Aacini Stripped down version of ColorShow.exe with no variables.
ColorBox1.0Aacini Show a box in text mode using line-drawing characters.
Convert ?? Convert One Image format to other format.
ChangeExeIcon 1.0 Fatih KodakChange/Modify the icon of an exe file.
Cat2.1Torbjorn Granlund, Richard M. StallmanConcatenate FILE(s), or standard input, to standard output.
CkSum2.1 Q. Frank XiaPrint CRC checksum and byte counts of each FILE.
Comm2.1Richard Stallman and David MacKenzie Compare sorted files LEFT_FILE and RIGHT_FILE line by line.
CSplit2.1Stuart Kemp and David MacKenzieOutput pieces of FILE separated by PATTERN(s) to files `xx01', `xx02', ...
David Ihnat, David MacKenzie, Jim MeyeringPrint selected parts of lines from each FILE to standard output.
Calc?? Allows to do complex mathematical calculations enabling the floating point method.
Darkbox1.0 TSnake41A Batch Server. makes Batch fast and beautiful + Additional Benefits.
Darkbox2.0 TSnake41Even More Powerful with User Input Enabled. (Kbd + Mouse)
Download 1.3Fatih KodakDownloads a file from the web.
Float 1.0 Kvc Allows Floating point calculations in CMD.
Float 1.1 Kvc Allows to save calculated value directly in variable.
Fn.dll?? Contains lots of options... 1 file for all options!
FlushInputBuffer1.0AaciniClear the input buffer from any previous keystroke.
Figletcmd1.0Glenn Chappell, Ian Chai For making large letters out of ordinary text.
Fatih Kodak Browse for a folder.
Fmt2.1Ross PatersonReformat each paragraph in the FILE(s), writing to standard output.
Fold2.1David MacKenzieWrap input lines in each FILE (standard input by default), writing to standard output.
Getlen1.0KvcReturns the length of Specified String
Getlen2.0Kvc Returns the length of Specified String Efficiently!
Getlen3.0KvcReturns the length of String – including Special Characters.


Aacini Gets input from both keyboard and mouse + Hover Display.
Graph1.0KvcCreate Amazing Graphs of Mathematical Data easily.
Graph2.0KvcAdvance Graphs with auto adjustable console size.
GetDim 1.0KvcGet the current dimensions (Row x Columns) of CMD within program.
Grep2.5Free Software FoundationFree Software Foundation - Search for PATTERN in each FILE or standard input.
GetTitle4.0 Rob van der WoudeRob van der Woude - Return the current window's title.
Head 2.1
David MacKenziePrint first n lines of each FILE to standard output.
Input1.0KvcGet Both Mouse & Keyboard Input Simultaneously.
Kdos1.0 Lego StopPro Small Utility for doing multiple actions in single line.
Lego StopProAn alternative to existing Input Plugin & Batbox.
Klocks1.0Ritchie Lawrence Win32 Commandline Lock Keys Controller for NT4/W2K/XP.

Kvc Prints a GUI Line with characters on the console.
List 1.0 KvcCreates a GUI List of Items, Like Context menu in windows.
List 2.0 KvcAdvance GUI List with Mouse Hover Detection.
KvcDisplays Loading bar on CMD console with a single line of code.
mChoice1.0 KvcModified Choice command.
mPass1.0 Kvc Prints User-input as * (Stars / asterisks).
Me.Hide1.0 KvcShows the hidden CMD console again.
KvcSearches for a file in the computer and replaces it with another one.
MenuBar1.0 Kvc Creates advance Main-Menu Bar on top of CMD Console.
KvcAdvance MenuBar with mouse Hover Detection.
BSDSend Email via Cmd Console.
MakeAdmin1.0Fatih Kodak Add administrator manifest to exe.
MaskedInput 1.0Fatih Kodak Masked text input.
MoveWindow1.0Fatih Kodak Move a window.
Md5sum2.1Ulrich Drepper, Scott MillerPrint or check MD5 (128-bit) checksums.
mCopy 1
Kvc Interactive Copying with information of speed & remaining time.
NoCur 1.0 KvcHides the Blinking cursor from the CMD console.
Nl 2.1 Scott Bartram and David MacKenzie Write each FILE to standard output, with line numbers added.
NirCmd2.75Nir Sofer Interactive Windows – multi-operational plugin.
NumberFont 1.0 nahkd Allows to print Typography numbers on the CMD Console.
OS1.0 Kvc Detects the Current OS and its bits (x86 or x64).
dbenhamProperly 'Encode / Obfuscate' Your Code.
Kvc Plot points at specified coordinates on the graph.
Kvc Also adjust the output according to size of CMD
D3nXDisplay RGB Color & Pixels in CMD console.
Printf1.0 AaciniShow formatted output and evaluate RPN arithmetic expressions.
PasteClip1.0 AaciniPaste text from the Windows clipboard.
RC1.0Robvander WoudeReturns the Time of run and Errorlevel of the command.
RC41.1Fatih Kodak Crypt files/data using the RC4 algorithm.
Record1.1Fatih KodakRecord sound using the default input device.
Resizewindow1.1Fatih KodakFatih Kodak - Resize a window.
ShowCur1.0Kvc Shows Blinking Cursor on CMD Console
SuperBox1.0DarkBatcherA Batch Server - Batbox - v.2.0 By DarkBatcher.
Shortcut1.11Marty List To Create Shortcuts (*.lnk) @ Desired Locations in System. (No Admin Needed)
Show1.0Aacini Show characters from Ascii codes, literals and variables.
SendMessage1.0AaciniSend a System-Defined Message to a window.
SendEmail 1.56Brandon Zehm Send Emails through the Cmd Console interface.
SaveFileDialog1.0Fatih KodakOpen a Windows GUI dialog to save a file.
Screenshot1.0Fatih KodakCreate screenshots of your desktop.
SetWindowTransparency1.0Fatih KodakFatih Kodak - Set the transparency of a window.
Speak1.1Fatih Kodak Speak text/filecontent.
Sha1sum2.1 Ulrich Drepper, Scott MillerPrint or check SHA1 (160-bit) checksums.
Sha256 1.0 Kvc Prints the Hash generated by Sha256 algorithm.
Typography 1.0 Kvc Prints a typographic text on CMD console.
Table1.0 Kvc Create amazing tables by single line of code.
Tac 2.1Jay Lepreau and David MacKenzieWrite each FILE to standard output, last line first. (Bottom to Top)
Tail 2.1Paul Rubin, David MacKenzie, Ian Lance Taylor, and Jim MeyeringPrint the last n lines of each FILE to standard output.
Unexpand2.1David MacKenzie Convert spaces in each FILE to tabs, writing to standard output.
Uniq2.1Richard Stallman and David MacKenzie Discard all but one of the successive identical lines from INPUT (or standard input), writing to OUTPUT (or standard output).
Window1.0AaciniGet/set several values related to console screen window.
Wget1.19Hrvoje Niksic A non-interactive network retriever. (Batch Downloader)
Windowontop1.1 Fatih Kodak Make a window stay on top.
Wc 2.1Paul Rubin and David MacKenzie Print byte, word, and newline count for each FILE.
WaitDirChange 0.511
Frank P. WestlakeWaits until a folder has changed and notifies which file was changed.
Xidel0.9Benito van der ZanderData extraction tool for XML, HTML, JSON etc. files.
xColor 1.0Erik Simply makes the use of "color" command easier.
Youtube-dl 2016? Directly Download YouTube Videos via CMD.
LegoStopPro Automate the Mouse & Keyboard input as ‘Autoit Script’

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