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Why Free Service?

In real, the title of this Section should be ‘Why to give my work for free??’, You’ll know about a small part of my thoughts by reading this section completely.

We make a living by what we get,
But we make a life by what we give.

Sir Winston Churchill

Whenever I update my Blog ( to post my latest Work or to complete any request. The next day when some of my friends meet me, they generally ask me one question that, am I getting anything worthy by doing all of this (and by ‘worthy’ they mean ‘Money, and only money’)…

And, probably they think that this guy is mad and he’s just wasting his time in doing foolish things. But, money has no value for me until it’s fulfilling my basic needs for surviving on this planet. Sometimes they ask me to do impossible things like can I hack into their FB accounts or hacking the neighbor’s wifi password by just sitting at a corner.

I am a God!

And having my laptop in my lap, like I’m a GOD with some magical powers. And when I refuse, they just say one thing; you are copy-pasting things on your Blog. “you don’t know anything” – They often say to me. but, their attitude doesn’t de-motivate me as I know that…

People Hate, what they don’t understand!

Wise Men

The reason why I’m giving all my work under the freeware license/open source… is that, I’ve downloaded and used much software, those were Paid and I’ve used them for free (trial versions etc, You know what I mean), or their freeware similar products. That means there are good people out there, providing these things for free and we use them without considering their contribution and hard-work for letting us download these products.

Also, I’m inspired by many hackers’ biographies, and their main motto was, “Information should be free…”, That’s what I’m providing… THE FREE INFORMATION. And The LINUX community always inspired the devil out of me, as they do all things under open source and freeware to make this world a better place. The similar kind of community in the batch I’m trying to make through #TheBATeam, where anyone can contribute to upgrading batch programming.

At last, I’m just gonna say that I’m a small guy, who is trying to revolutionize this world on his own level, and maybe I will.

Anything you do…Good or BAD,
People always have something negative to say…

A Negative Guy

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